Find out more about SEBA Crypto AG

  • What makes SEBA unique?

    There are three primary differences between SEBA and other financial services offerings currently available in the crypto economy.

    The first difference is that our ambition is to become one of the world's first licensed and supervised crypto banks. Supervision ensures a higher level of client and investment protection than non-supervised entities can provide.

    The second difference is that SEBA, once the banking license is obtained, will offer all financial services relevant to crypto-assets, including:

    - Transaction banking and custody services;
    - Secure storage and investment protection;
    - Trading between crypto and traditional currencies;
    - Offering of cutting edge wealth management products and services;
    - Management of cryptocurrency market and liquidity risks; and
    - Generation of crypto assets via professional ICOs and other crypto corporate finance services.

    The third difference is the restrictions that will come with being a licensed and supervised bank. As a licensed and supervised financial services provider, SEBA must meet and comply with strict regulatory requirements, in order to support the institutional, corporate, professional and/or qualified investors legitimate expectations to have their funds managed and stored in the best qualified, adequately capitalized and safest of hands.

  • Where did the name SEBA come from?

    We chose the name SEBA because it transcends geography and languages, it is feminine and masculine, and we love the way it sounds. To us, it represents the ying and the yang, the duality between fiat & crypto that we are trying to bridge.

  • What are SEBA’s core values and principles?

    SEBA is a new digital financial services offering committed to security, transparency, and performance.

    The SEBA team has a wealth of experience in financial markets, regulation, technology, and information security, and together with the above core values, we are bringing a new financial services paradigm to the crypto economy.

  • What is SEBA's definition of transparency?

    Usually one thinks immediately of fees as an area requiring full transparency and SEBA will certainly have a transparent policy in that regard.

    For us, transparency goes much further. Transparency to SEBA means we will make every effort to transfer our knowledge to our clients. Fundamentally different from a traditional banking philosophy, instead of guardians of knowledge and wealth, we see ourselves as amplifiers of knowledge and wealth.

    We will promote wider institutional adoption of crypto assets and currencies, and help people to understand the potential it holds for global economic reform and financial inclusion. Education and research are other fundamentals of our mission as a result.

  • How will SEBA bridge the gap between the traditional and crypto economies?

    SEBA aims to bring crypto and Blockchain products and services to the global market by providing an easy-to-use and fully licensed and supervised banking solution, offering regulated crypto and traditional financial market products and services for institutional and private investors.

    SEBA will leverage best-in-class technology and services from best-of-breed partners to deliver the most secure and user-friendly experience.

  • How can clients be sure their assets will be safe with SEBA?

    SEBA will bring regulatory compliance, the respected Swiss banking culture, tried and tested investment strategies and risk frameworks to the digital assets market.

    As a licensed and supervised financial services provider, SEBA will have to meet and comply with all regulatory requirements. SEBA’s FINMA supervised liquidity planning will take into account the crypto specific market and liquidity risks. A limited amount of fiat assets and medium-term fixed income bonds (in total not exceeding CHF 100’000.-- per client relationship) are also subject to Swiss deposit protection.

  • Why is being ‘regulated’ a differentiator?

    If SEBA obtains the FINMA license, this will be a competitive differentiator. FINMA’s core objectives, such as protection of individual investors and ensuring that the Swiss financial market functions properly, fully support the institutional, corporate, professional and/or qualified investors legitimate expectations to have their funds managed and stored in the best qualified, adequately capitalized and safest of hands.

  • How is SEBA funded?

    SEBA completed a Private Placement round of funding in September 2018 with a Hard Cap of CHF100mn. SEBA received the funding from a mix of Swiss and international private and institutional investors who believe in the future of crypto assets as a contending asset class.

  • Where is SEBA based?

    SEBA is registered and domiciled and has its head office in Zug, Switzerland.

  • What is the geographical footprint of SEBA?

    SEBA will be domiciled in Switzerland but will be able to service selected international investors, subject to all KYC/AML assessments and other internal procedures being complied with.

  • Will SEBA be only a bank for crypto assets?

    SEBA will bridge the gap between traditional banking and the new world of crypto assets, facilitating a seamless and secure gateway between crypto and traditional financial assets for all institutional, corporate, qualified and professional investors. SEBA has applied for a banking license from FINMA, the Swiss regulator, which if granted, would allow SEBA to offer the full range of private banking, corporate and institutional banking products.

    While the storage and trading of crypto assets will be SEBA’s core business, we will partner with Bank for Banks (B4B) service providers for the provision of traditional financial service offerings, such as foreign exchange, fixed income and equities.

  • What are SEBA’s plans to promote knowledge?

    Education and research are fundamental to our mission and we want to promote mainstream adoption of digital assets, for many investor types, from individuals to institutions. We want to create a one-stop shop where investors of all kinds can interact and exchange ideas with crypto knowledgeable advisors, and learn to transact in what has, until now, been an unregulated, fragmented and opaque market.

  • Will SEBA be affected by data protection laws?

    Like any other player in the financial service industry, SEBA will comply with data protection and other applicable banking secrecy laws in all jurisdictions where it will operate. SEBA will keep client data safe at all times, working closely with and under the supervision of regulators, to ensure SEBA maintains the highest standards.

  • Is SEBA planning an ICO?

    It is possible that SEBA will hold an Initial Coin Offering once SEBA has obtained the FINMA banking license. The ICO will take place in a best-in-class security and regulatory compliant environment in Switzerland.

    Further details regarding the ICO, the amount of funds to be raised, token economics, suitability, KYC/AML, risks and restricted countries for participation will be published closer to the date of the ICO.

    Parties interested in staying informed of the progress of the project’s development are encouraged to join the Wait List at https://communications.seba.swiss/waitlist