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Customer satisfaction is important to us. If you are not entirely satisfied with our services, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to find a proper solution for your case.

The best way to address any concerns you have is to contact your relationship manager or your designated contact person at SEBA.

Alternatively, you could also write to us at:

[email protected]


If you are still not entirely satisfied with our final response, you can refer your case to the Swiss Ombudsman Service:

Swiss Banking Ombudsman

Bahnhofplatz 9

P.O. Box

CH-8021 Zurich

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

As a provider of a broad range of financial services, SEBA faces actual and potential conflicts of interest from time to time. Such conflicts of interest may arise between

  • SEBA and the Client;
  • a third party service provider providing services to SEBA and a Client;
  • services which SEBA provides to a manufacturer of products and a Client; or
  • between two or more Clients of SEBA in the context of the provision of services by SEBA to those Clients.

Important third party product providers in SEBA's line of business are the issuers of structured products. In that context, SEBA may be acting as a custodian for the issuer and at the same time as a collateral agent towards the investors which may include Clients.

SEBA's policy is to take all reasonable steps to maintain and operate effective administrative arrangements to identify, monitor, and manage actual or potential relevant conflicts of interest.

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