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Thursday, 13 August, 2020

SEBA Bank initiatives with CMTA’s test run for tokenization

The Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA) along with SEBA Bank and other leading financial institutions Sygnum Bank, Arab Bank, Vontobel and Swissquote have successfully completed a test run for decentralized capital market infrastructures for tokenization. The dry run was designed to test trading security tokens using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The banks acquired tokenized shares issued by CMTA Labs SA and traded the securities over-the-counter (OTC) and through a digital asset trading platform.

Patrick Salm, Head Token Platform SEBA Bank states “The CMTA dry run will create the foundation for a robust digital asset economy in the years to come. Industry collaboration and common standards are essential on the path to digitalization. That’s why we gladly contributed to the CMTA dry run. Regulated market players are actively collaborating to create the common ecosystem of our future economy. The CMTA is a fine example of this essential collaboration.”

This is a positive step forward bringing the decentralized capital market infrastructures to life. SEBA will continue to contribute to the next steps in digitalization of the new economy.

For more information on the full press release from CMTA click here.

CVA Education Working Group

SEBAversity has partnered with CVA's Education Working Group to develop strategic education to demystify blockchain technology which will further bridge the gap between the traditional and digital economy. The Working Group Education (WGE) was represented by the Chairs Tilmar Goos and Bora Altuncevahir and collaborates with Marcel Harmann, Head of SEBAversity. Together both parties have created a series of events called “CVA & SEBAversity Sunset Events”. For further information and to register for the events click here.

Tilmar Goos, Digital Custody Services SEBA Bank states “The Crypto Valley Association Working Group Education is committed to an open and inclusive planning process. Direct input and participation of our community and industry stakeholders is a critical component for the creation of a successful working group.”

For more information on the CVA release visit here.


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