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Tuesday, 26 November, 2019

SEBA launches its investment solutions with new crypto index

SEBA Bank starts its investment business and launches the SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX) for crypto currencies. SEBAX addresses the predominant problem of traditional market value-weighted indices, making index investments interesting for the digital investment market as well.

Zug, 26 November 2019 – SEBA, an integrated bank focused on digital assets, launches its investment solutions and introduces a new index for cryptographic assets. The SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX) is a dynamic, risk-optimised index with a broad market exposure of the crypto asset market. The underlying proprietary methodology addresses the pitfalls of traditional market value-weighted indices and allows optimized diversification.

Over the past ten years, index investing has gained a foothold in financial markets. It is also an attractive instrument for crypto currencies to achieve a broad and representative exposure with transparent diversification rules. For the launch of the index, SEBA has cooperated with the renowned European index administrator MV Index Solutions. Gentwo Digital was brought on board to implement the specific requirements of structuring the first investment solution.

Daniel Kuehne, Head of Asset Management at SEBA Bank AG, comments: “With our investment solutions we want to offer investors the highest possible security and strengthen their confidence in the new, complex market environment of crypto currencies. With our product and investment expertise, we enable our clients to tap the new potential of digital asset classes with familiar rules from the existing financial world”.

SEBA started operations at the beginning of the month offering institutional and professional private clients a comprehensive range of services in the field of digital assets and traditional banking.

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