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Portfolio diversification: The contribution of digital assets
Allocating digital assets in a portfolio can double the Sharpe ratio. Read the Digital Investor to understand the diversification potential of the digital asset class.
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Seven regulatory developments for 2021
In this Digital Regulator, we propose seven regulatory developments that are likely to shape cryptofinance in 2021.
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Blockchain Interoperability (Part 3): Polkadot
Polkadot is a promising project that should interest investors. First, interoperability increases digital asset utilisation, and Polkadot offers all the broadest types of interoperability.
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Swiss DLT regulatory framework implementation
The ongoing consultation on the ordinance in the distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) space is the last step in providing Switzerland with a comprehensive and globally unrivalled DLT regulatory fram...
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Blockchain Interoperability (Part 2): THORchain
Interoperability helps investors to increase the utilisation of their digital assets. This Digital Investor shows how THORchain facilitates better asset utilisation and dive into different factors cen...
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EU pilot regime for DLT-based market infrastructure
The EU takes a circumspect approach regarding DLT-based market infrastructure despite recognising that no primary market can thrive without a secondary market.
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