The Bridge
The Digital Investor
The Digital Regulator
EU pilot regime for DLT-based market infrastructure
The EU takes a circumspect approach regarding DLT-based market infrastructure despite recognising that no primary market can thrive without a secondary market.
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Blockchain Interoperability: Towards a Connected Future
Interoperability has the potential to create plumbing for the internet of value by connecting blockchains. Learn more about the challenges, the solutions, and the opportunities.
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The Blockchain Trilemma
The blockchain trilemma refers to the idea that a public blockchain cannot reach the desired level of decentralisation, security, and scalability all at once. In this edition of the Bridge, we introdu...
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The proposed EU framework for crypto-assets
The EU tackles fragmentation and creates legal certainty by extending the regulatory perimeter to crypto-asset issuers and service providers. Implementation by 2024.
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DeFi Investment Strategies: A Performance Review
In this edition of The Digital Investor, we evaluate the performance of different DeFi portfolios. We test three different approaches – hold ETH as it is the major asset that gives exposure to DeFi, b...
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Are blockchains that safe? How to attack and prevent attacks
In this edition of The Bridge, we explore some well-known attacks which are commonly used to compromise blockchain networks and discuss how consensus mechanisms such as Proof of Stake and Proof of Wor...
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