The Bridge
The Digital Investor
The Digital Regulator
The DeFi Regulatory Challenge
Decentralised Finance (DeFi) generates benefits and is growing in importance. A regulatory endorsement is crucial for mass adoption. This might be achieved through the constructive cooperation between...
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It Pays to be Smart
In the previous edition of The Digital Investor, we noted that platform chains had significant developmental upgrades coming up while Bitcoin's on-chain fundamentals looked weak. Over the past month, ...
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Cross-border challenges of a Central Bank Digital Currency and Global Stablecoins
Developing and implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)-based cross-border payment system is a daunting task. The launch of a Global Stablecoin (GSC) in a regulatory-controlled environment ...
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Untangling the chain from the price
Crypto markets struggled through most of July but managed to close on a strong note, up by almost 13%. With the increase in prices, market sentiment has also buoyed. We present an analysis of the on-c...
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Basel Committee Consultation: A Prudential Treatment of Banks’ Cryptoasset Exposure
The Basel Committee recognises the ineluctability of asset tokenisation, but proposes to subject exposure to bitcoin, ether, utility tokens, DeFi tokens, and other network coins to a one-size-fits-all...
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The New Digital Investor
This new publication will shed light on cryptoassets as an emerging asset class and its fundamental drivers. We hope you will enjoy reading this publication and that you will find it helpful in unders...
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