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Cryptocurrency Markets and Regulators - What to expect
The US regulators are contemplating action in the wake of recent market developments. A regulatory upgrade is required to promote institutional-grade cryptofinance.
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Yearn Finance – Decentralised Asset Management
In this edition of Digital Investor, we cover the largest decentralised asset management protocol, Yearn Finance. We cover its fair launch, the value drivers for the token, its moat and significant pr...
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NFT: A New Fancy Technology
We uncover the latest trend in the cryptoverse, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. NFTs are often mistaken to be digital art, however, they are not the art or asset itself but the deed or proof-of-ownership...
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FATF and DeFi: Further thinking is required
The updates proposed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to its Guidance on the risk-based approach to virtual assets are not conducive to the development of sustainable Decentralised Finance (D...
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Synthetix – a platform to issue and trade synthetic assets
This digital investor explores the Synthetix protocol, its upcoming changes, and how it stacks up against other DeFi protocols in terms of valuation. The article dives into the mechanics of the protoc...
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Governance Tokens: Coordinating the human element
Who is in charge of the code on which blockchains and their applications run? Who runs the multibillion-dollar organisations of the most successful applications? When facing a difficult decision, how ...
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