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The Digital Investor
The Digital Regulator
Regulatory uncertainty in cryptofinance
Unlike traditional finance, cryptofinance involves a high degree of regulatory uncertainty. Market participants hedge this risk by operating in jurisdictions characterised by developed and stable regu...
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Bitcoin is not my lover
Gold 2.0 or tokenised thin air? Critics say it is not money, slow, costly, energy-intensive and for criminals. Believers say bitcoin is the future. Bitcoin polarises view. One thing is sure; everyone ...
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Decentralised Exchanges – Trustless and Secure
Centralised Exchanges have played a pivotal role in the crypto asset ecosystem, acting as fiat ramps, custodians, exchange, market makers and VCs, thereby consolidating a lot of power and responsibili...
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DEXes – from market making to valuations
This Digital Investor builds on concepts explained in The Bridge and analyses the landscape of decentralised exchanges (DEXes) for investors, from market making to different players. The first section...
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Illicit use of cryptocurrencies – Regulatory and market evidence
Regulators have feared and combated the illicit use of cryptocurrencies since bitcoin was born. The adoption and regulation of cryptocurrencies is leading to less illicit transactions.
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The UK tackles stablecoins
The UK is the third jurisdiction to address stablecoins after Switzerland and the EU.
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