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ESG Environment, Social and Governance
Climate change, social diversity, and ethics are becoming increasingly important in investment decisions. ESG or Environment, Social, and Governance is a general framework to invest ethically and sust...
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The development of cryptofinance regulation – National focus
The last five years have witnessed a rapid development of cryptofinance regulation. Initially, it reacted to, and framed, innovative practices. Then, it has broadly supported the development of crypto...
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Markets Chase Liquidity
Macro headwinds dominate cryptocurrencies as central banks tighten monetary conditions. Bitcoin is closely correlated with USD liquidity. As the Fed started quantitative tightening on 1 September, pre...
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The Basel Framework and Cryptoassets: Finishing Line?
The second Basel Committee consultative document on the prudential treatment of cryptoasset exposures is very comprehensive and suggests that the 3-year long gestation may soon come to an end. Materia...
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Ethereum Leading Market Recovery
After the prolonged downward trend of cryptocurrency prices for almost all months this year, July 2022 has been the time of recovery for the crypto markets. The total market cap increased by 24%, and ...
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Stablecoins & Regulation: Quo vadis?
Regulators have acknowledged the use cases and highlighted the risks of stablecoins since 2019. The reactions that have followed the TerraUSD (UST) fallout in May 2022 suggest that asset-backed stable...
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