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The UK tackles stablecoins
The UK is the third jurisdiction to address stablecoins after Switzerland and the EU.
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Oracles – The Internet of Blockchains
Just "knowing thyself" is not sufficient for a smart platform blockchain. Oracles are critical middleware that connect blockchains to the real world unlocking the full potential of platforms chains. T...
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Decentralised Oracles: Chainlink
Oracles are a critical middleware for smart contracts. We evaluate the need for decentralised oracles and how Chainlink is poised to accrue value as the oracles space grows.
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Bitcoin Valuation – Reloaded
The rise of institutional investors has increased our bitcoin fair-value to USD 50,000.
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Portfolio diversification: The contribution of digital assets
Allocating digital assets in a portfolio can double the Sharpe ratio. Read the Digital Investor to understand the diversification potential of the digital asset class.
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Seven regulatory developments for 2021
In this Digital Regulator, we propose seven regulatory developments that are likely to shape cryptofinance in 2021.
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