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SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX® ) is a dynamic, risk-optimized index to invest efficiently in the crypto asset market. Considering the inefficiencies of an emerging crypto asset market, SEBAX addresses the common pitfalls of traditional market-weighted indices and improves diversification significantly.

SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX®) is a proprietary index of SEBA Bank AG, a licensed and supervised financial service provider specialised in digital assets. The index methodology is based on three key elements:

Selection – qualitative filters to define the eligible universe with emphasis on safety, technical reliability and tradability. The eligible universe consists of at least five constituents and is monitored on an ongoing basis.

Weighting – quantitative rules to allocate the optimal weight to each constituent based on a modified risk-parity approach. The approach limits concentration into single digital assets and ensures optimal diversification.

Rebalancing – monthly rebalancing to reset the weights of the constituents to their dynamic target allocations. The rebalancing is executed according to defined price fixing rules.


Convenient access to a new asset class with significant return potential and low correlation with traditional assets


Efficient market exposure capturing about 80% of the total crypto asset market


Enhanced diversification through the application of advanced quantitative methods to optimize overall risk


Highest level of safety through multilayered security, regulated custody and ongoing monitoring of index constituents

SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index Performance

Source: MVIS
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