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At SEBA Bank, we trade and manage a deep pool of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, connected to the major exchanges and professional counterparties. Our clients can access this pool to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from/to us.

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SEBA Bank offers access to BTCUSD in form of OTC Options. Clients can choose their own strikes and maturities. Through our OTC book, we also offer liquidity in ETHUSD options and trade OTC options as principle

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SEBA Bank provides you institutional-grade access to leverage and liquidity, both on collateralized and uncollateralized basis.

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Daily Market Report

SEBA Bank's Daily Report provides a short summary of price action, news flow and market outlook straight from our trading team.

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How does cryptocurrency trading work?


Cryptocurrency trading works very similar to FX trading. Main differences are immediate settlement and easier access to liquidity. Easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies is to open an account with an existing dealer or exchange. SEBA Bank offers cryptocurrency trading accounts and liquidity 24/7

What are Bitcoin futures?


Bitcoin futures are cryptocurrency derivatives, they are leveraged instruments that have a future settlement date and reference the bitcoin price.

What are some crypto trading strategies?


Buy and Hold Crypto (HODL), Crypto Margin Trading, Crypto Swing Trading, Crypto Futures Trading, Crypto Arbitrage Trading, Crypto Option Trading, Crypto Covered Calls

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