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Our offering of cutting-edge technology provides streaming rates and instant execution of crypto and fiat pairs.

We continuously add new currencies to our offering and currently provide: BTC, ETH, DOT, LTC, XTZ, ADA, XLM, USDC, BCH, SNX, UNI, YFI, LINK, AAVE, CHF, USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, SGD, PLN, JPY

Small algo trades to large wholesale trades are all priced competitively and after the trade immediately settled through SEBA Bank's Crypto Currency- and Fiat accounts.

To access our trading offering, various channels are available:










SEBA Bank acts as Principal to all transactions, taking on slippage, operational, credit, and settlement risks – making crypto trading for our customers simple and safe.

As principal we do not charge fees or commissions, however, we calculate a spread off-market levels when providing our two-sided liquidity.

Our experienced trading team can be accessed to learn about market conditions and to discuss execution strategies. Available for Direct Access Customers.

What you get


Unique state of the art technology systems in the crypto industry


Simple and safe access to Crypto, FX and Securities within one SEBA Bank account


Single point of contact through a simple, effective and efficient one-stop-shop


Additional services under one roof such as storage, asset tokenization, asset management, payment services


A fully regulated counterparty - FINMA regulated Bank and Securities Dealer

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What is an example of a Crypto spot market?



Does day trading apply to crypto?



How do I start trading in Cryptocurrency?


Open an account at SEBA Bank fund the account and start trading.

Where is the best place to trade Cryptocurrency?


Reputable dealers that are regulated, well capitalized with the best service are a goo dplace to start looking. SEBA Bank, FINMA regulated Swiss bank offers a leading cryptocurrency trading platform.

How does Cryptocurrency spot trading work?


Spot trade is an exchange of amounts in two different currencies by two counterparties at the agreed rate, usually market rate at the time of the trade. Spot trade in cryptocurrencies settles on the same day.

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