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About SEBA

Financial solutions for the digital age

Merging traditional financial expertise with cutting-edge technology to shape the future of finance.

Creating the future of finance since 2019

Since 2019, we have lead with a new vision for banking that breaks down the barriers between traditional financial services and support for digital assets. Our award-winning solutions products deliver a seamless service across all major asset classes, including traditional assets, crypto currencies and blockchain networks.

Europe FinTech Awards 2023

Winner of banking tech of the year

Swiss ETF Awards 2023

Winner of ETP of the year

CBInsights Blockchain 50 2022

50 most promising blockchain and crypto companies in the world

Our principles

We deliver all the capabilities of modern banking including crypto, accessed through a single gateway and backed by the highest standards of security. Our mission is built around three watchwords:


Define how much you want to stake, we take care of everything else.


We maintain high standards to ensure your assets are always protected.


Earn rewards while maintaining control of your funds. Use your preferred non-custodial wallet.

Our team

Executive Team

Franz Bergmüller

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Blattmann

Chief Risk Officer

Ritesh Dutta

Deputy CEO, Head of Trading and Treasury

Mike Foy

Chief Financial Officer

Myles Harrison

Chief Product Officer

Urs Lehmann

General Counsel and Head of Legal and Compliance

Markus Menzl

Chief Commercial Officer – Europe

Amy Yu

Chief Executive Officer APAC

Board of Directors

Päivi Rekonen

Chair of the Board of Directors

Joseph Chee

Vice Chair of the Board

Sébastien Mérillat

Member of the Board

Evangelia Kostakis

Member of the Board

Guy Schwarzenbach

Member of the Board

Hans Kuhn

Member of the Board

Sanjeev Karkhanis

Member of the Board

Cheney Cheng

Member of the Board

Colin McQuade

Member of the Board


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