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Single Coin ETPs

Invest in individual crypto currencies with all the ease and convenience of traditional assets. SEBA’s Single Coin Exchange Traded Product (ETP) gives you access to the full potential of cryptocurrency. Traded on Europe’s leading stock exchanges, our single coin ETPs can be bought and sold through banks and brokers, just like any other security.

Available for Bitcoin Ethereum, and Polkadot, our ETPs are listed on Switzerland’ SIX Exchange, Euronext in Paris and Amsterdam and the Xetra exchange in Germany.

We offer highly competitive conversion rates to FIAT currency on the market with low fixed fees and zero performance-related charges.

100% of any profits from rising crypto prices

Our products

Name of product ISIN Underlyings Currency Additional currencies Current Price
BTC/USD Tracker Certificate CH0558875933 BTC USD EUR, CHF 2.8572 USD*
BTC/CHF (Hedged) Tracker Certificate CH0574683683 BTC CHF - 2.2566 CHF*
ETH/USD Tracker Certificate CH0587418630 ETH USD EUR, CHF 1.8057 USD*
DOT/USD Tracker Certificate CH1113516871 DOT USD EUR, CHF 5.03 USD*
APT/USD Tracker Certificate CH1161139170 APT USD - 6.79 USD*